Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Happy Holidays from DoubleZERO

From all of us in DoubleZERO, we'd like to wish you a Merry Christmas

The Union Square Tree

Adjacent to the tree was this baller ass street of expensive brands

Was shooting with a couple of crazy people...a good, chill crazy tho!
-Naaataan OUT!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

As DJ Khaled says "Another One"

Yes, the team is really slowly expanding! Got this new shooter who wants to grow in his photography game as well so what is better than lightly seasoned photographers in this team to help nourish his growth into the photo world?! US! So we are here to help him progress even though he is the only Nikon shooter while the rest of us have Canons but us ,DoubleZERO, believe in equal rights so whether it be Canon, Nikon, Sony, and etc are free to come connect with us and learn from one another. Just really flourish from the strengths we all possess! Enough of the sappyness and let us talk about the new shooter who has joined the team, Mister James aka Pogi Boi!

James Aaron, yes his last name is like a first name except it's his last name, a shooter I kept my eye on when I started looking for new people. Saw what he was producing and, nonetheless I thought it was good cause he was focusing on portrait photography, something this team needs! Let's just have his photos below tell us how he shoots!

The photographer himself shot by one of the doubleZERO photogs, Jeff

But that bokeh in the back...just simply mesmerizing

SunFlares are life in this picture!

This is how you he will be a great addition...I wouldn't have ever thought of that, to add props

James has no fears, he'll do anything for the anything I mean you know ;)

WET! Rolling shots and Sunsets are orgasmic! FYI I gave him the watermark to see how it would look on it looked perfect!

Feel free to look on his work on his Flickr, link located below

I think I speak for the rest of the team when I say welcome to hell-I mean welcome to DoubleZERO where we shoot cool things and share them here for your eyes to feast on!
We also you get a laugh or chuckle after being on this site

-Naaataan OUT!!!